IPBC India 2018

On March 13, 2018 Remfry & Sagar participated in the second edition of IPBC India with Vishnumohan Rethinam (Partner) moderating a lively and interactive session on ‘Integrated IP Strategy’.

Speakers on his panel included Arshad Jamil from Biocon who leveraged his vast experience in the patents arena and Biocon’s position as an innovator, generic and maker of biosimilars to present insights into strategies developed in protection and enforcement of Biocon’s IP and how the company’s objectives were integral to this process. Surajit Atha from GE used his engineer / technologist background and expertise to talk on formation and execution of IP strategy for research and new product development. He presented a framework for marrying patent filing strategy with overall business objectives; making decisions on keeping trade secrets vis-à-vis seeking patent protection; identifying and mitigating IP risks; monetizing IP and finding partners to develop an ideal technology roadmap. Ajay Panwar from Mastercard gave insights on payment methodologies and emerging IP strategies in the traditional and online spheres. Ajay also enlightened the audience on differences in strategies in India and internationally. Dr. Suni Augustine (Jet Airways) talked about the aviation industry’s IP challenges and his role in protection and enforcement of trademark and allied rights; challenges faced with partners such as travel and cargo agents and the efficacy of different enforcement strategies to address misuse of IP rights. Panelists also engaged with the audience throughout the session – inviting views and answering questions.

IPBC India is a dedicated one-day event focused on IP value creation and strategic IP management showcasing perspectives of both international and domestic IP-owning companies operating in India. Pankaj Soni (Partner) and Neeraj Raina (Partner Designate) from the Firm also attended the event.



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