Fun In The Sun


Remfry & Sagar celebrated the collaborative and competitive spirit of its team members during a fun outing to The Sagar School close

Attorneys and support staff at Remfry & Sagar set off early for The Sagar School on January 20 – a journey to test our collaborative and competitive spirit.

After a hot breakfast, the first game on the agenda was ‘Dodge-the-Ball’ with the Partners dodging balls lobbed at them by attorneys. Four teams were formed next to participate in games that tested both athletic and mental prowess with Tug-of-War being the finale event. This was followed by a leisurely lunch in the gardens. Post lunch, we played the number game Tambola – a popular version of Bingo – after which it was time to return home. Strategising to win in the warm sun, competing hard and making friendly jibes all made for a wonderful day on the serene campus of the school.




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